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Mountain Maine Coons

Welcome to Mountain Maine Coons

Welcome to Mountain Maine Coons

Welcome to Mountain Maine CoonsWelcome to Mountain Maine Coons


"I highly recommend Mountain Maine Coons. The girl I received from them is beautiful, distinct face, tall ears with long tufts, and a beautiful long tail. She seems very intelligent and intuitive. The vet said she is very strong and healthy.
The breeders are super nice, helpful and very supportive. They seem to really care about their breeding practices and the homes their babies go to. They worked with me for over a year til I could afford my kitten. So pleased with them and my baby girl." - Wendy B.

"I highly recommend Mountain Maine Coons as a source for your Dream Cat. Our boys are an outstanding example of careful breeding, with well-defined facial features, tall ears with nice tufts, and long, long tails. They also have wonderful temperaments and are very intelligent. MMCs business practices are honest and fair; you can place a deposit with them without worry, they'll stay connected throughout the process and keep you informed. " - Carol S.

"We got our cat Mojo from Mountain Maine Coons. Couldn’t be happier with our new family member! He brings so much joy to our household and is absolutely amazing with my children.
Sarah and Matt couldn’t have been more helpful. They answered all of my questions and sent updates regularly.  His intelligence and beauty is beyond compare. Highly recommend getting one!" - Casey C.

"Got some amazing kittens from Mountain Maine Coons. They are well behaved and lovely. They love to play and cuddle. Sarah is wonderful and very helpful. She is understanding and flexible, takes the time to help with every question. I would definitely recommend them. Great experience getting my cute fur babies." - Chaldean C.

"My husband and I have 2 kittens (Jericho & Jenkins) from Mountain Maine Coons. Sarah and Matt are raising cats with great temperaments and characters as well as amazing Maine Coon traits, our kittens have bold muzzle s, huge ears and tufts and are very social. Sarah and Matt have been a delight to deal with, always available to answer questions, very knowledgeable and accommodating." - Judith & Garth 

"Our beauty girl Mau is 6 mo, what an amazing temperament! Sarah has been a great breeder. She answers questions and teaches." - Aleisa F.

"On Thursday (March 14, 2019) is when I got my kitten, Einstein. He is the first Maine Coon that I’ve had in my 50yrs of owning cats. I love everything I’ve read or heard about the breed but after having Einstein for only 2 days, I am completely in love with this little guy (who won’t be little for long!). He is spunky, unaffraid, relaxed, accepting, easy-going, and has been fabulous with my 2 young grandsons who are full of energy themselves. I could not be happier with him.
Sarah has been so helpful and easy to ask questions of and work with. I can tell that she has put everything into raising fully social and adjusted cats. It’s clearly evident in this kitten, even in only 2 days that we’ve had him. I highly recommend choosing to acquire a Maine Coon from Mt. Maine Coons. You will be just as pleased as I am and will absolutely Love your new family member!" - Launa B.

"We highly recommend Mountain Maine Coons. They were very communicative and helpful with any and all questions. Our particular kitten had an umbilical issue that they closely monitored and had taken care of before we adopted her. Our vet gave her a clean bill of health and the compliments on her features never stop. I also haven’t seen a better temperament in a cat before and I honestly mean this. She’s so incredibly sweet and loving, even to our two young children; they play fetch nearly every day. We wanted a lifelong family member and we found her through these wonderful people. " - Jessica S.

" I received a female kitten in December. She is by far to most amazing cat I've ever had! Her socialization is beyond anything that I can comprehend for getting a new kitten. She came right into my house and loved up on my dog immediately and hypnotized my other three cats!! There were zero issues. She travels with me, goes to new places without any fear. it literally takes her 30 seconds to acclimate to a new place! " Cheryl A.