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Welcome to Mountain Maine Coons

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of food do you feed? How much food should I feed my kitten?

  • We feed Fromm Surf & Turf All Life Stages dry kibble along with Merrick Backcountry Kitten wet food. Kittens should have 24/7 access to as much dry kibble as they want and we recommend a supplement of wet food once or twice each day (one spoonful at each offering). 

Why don’t you feed raw? I have heard it’s the best option out there!

  • Raw is a fantastic option! We do not feed raw ourselves as we realize it is not a practical option for everyone and we do not want our kittens to have a difficult time transitioning from raw to kibble food in their new homes. If you wish to feed your kitten a raw diet that’s great! The first little while in their new home is already a lot of change for your kitten - we recommend you continue with kibble for at least the first two weeks you have your kitten before making any dietary changes.   Any changes diet changes should be done very gradually!

Do I need a cat tree? Do they use them? Is there a certain brand you recommend?

  • Our cats and kittens have several cat trees and they do receive a lot of use. It is however by no means a requirement! If you do wish to get a cat tree we recommend Cat Tree King, but there are several other brands available that work well. 

What grooming does my kitten need?

  • We recommend you trim their front claws every 1-2 weeks. Most cats self-maintain their rear claws so it varies significantly on how often (if ever) those need to be trimmed. We recommend you check them when you are clipping the front claws and clip the rear claws as needed. 
  • We recommend you comb/brush your kitten at least once a week, paying special attention to the belly and armpits as this is the most likely location for mats to form. 
  • We do not recommend professional grooming, lion cuts, etc. unless necessary due to excessive matting.
  • Most indoor cats very rarely need to bath. We bathe our cats approximately once a year, but this is mostly due to the naturally messy process that comes with birth. 

When do I need to take my kitten to the vet? What vaccinations do they need? 

  • We ask that you take your kitten to the vet within 72 hours of them leaving us to verify with your vet they are healthy as part of our health guarantee. They will need their 3rd set of vaccinations approximately two weeks after their arrival in their new home, but we will provide specific details for each kitten.

Will my kitten already be spayed/neutered? What is the best time to spay/neuter my kitten?

  • No, we do not practice early spay/neuter. We do not believe it is ideal for such young kittens to go through surgery. We withhold the registration papers until proof of spay/neuter is provided. The best time to spay/neuter is a very hotly debated topic and we want families to be able to make the decision with their vet based on their individual kitten and situation. As a general rule, we do recommend males be neutered by 6 months and females be neutered by 8 months.