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What's Included

What's Included

The pet price for a female kitten is $1600 and the pet price for a male kitten is $1700.   Prices will sometimes vary but any variance will be communicated up front when kitten selections are occurring.   Polydactyl (extra toes)  kittens (expected starting late 2020) are an additional $200.

A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve a kitten.  

(If paying via Paypal, there is a 3% fee.)

Kittens are ready to leave for their new homes at 12-14 weeks of age.

What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

- Wellness vet check, two sets of core   vaccinations & dewormer

- Health record, health guarantee & sales contract

- Handmade mini blanket with scents of home to ease transition

- 2.5# of Fromm kibble & bag clip

- one can of wet food & reusable lid

- TICA registration paperwork will be provided upon proof of spay/neuter

All parents are genetically tested for HCM, PKDef, PKD, and SMA.  We also screen against FeLV/FIV.


Optional - Expanded Kitten Starter Pack

Optional - Expanded Kitten Starter Pack

 We prefer kittens to be picked up in person but can arrange transportation for your new family member if necessary.  Costs are typically around $400 but can vary depending on location and the changing airline market.  


Shipping costs include cost of transport, carrier, necessary transport paperwork, and vet certification authorizing the kitten is healthy and safe for transport.

Optional - Expanded Kitten Starter Pack

Optional - Expanded Kitten Starter Pack

Optional - Expanded Kitten Starter Pack

This is a good option if you do not currently have general cat/kitten supplies, especially for new cat parents.   We can put together a customized pack of supplies for you (cost varies depending on the inclusions).  Some options include:  larger bag of Fromm kibble, toy variety set with some of our favorites, brush, nail clippers, carrier, etc. 

Adopting a Kitten


Wait list frozen until late May 2020

In order to prevent our wait list from getting too large we are temporarily freezing the list for about six weeks.  This will give our currently pregnant cats time to give birth and we will have a better idea of timing for those interested in joining the wait list after that.  We like to keep the wait six months or less.  If you are interested in getting a kitten from us please still feel free to reach out and introduce yourself, ask questions, etc. but we won't be accepting additional deposits until approx. late May.  

Thank you for your understanding! 

Tell us about yourself

Please reach out to us and tell us a bit about yourself, for example:

  • What is the home environment?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • Why are you interested in a Maine Coon kitten?
  • What are you looking for in a kitten (personality/color/gender preferences)?
  • What are your views on declawing? Outdoor cats?

Reserving a kitten

To reserve a kitten the deposit is $400 and applies towards the total purchase price of the kitten.  Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to different kittens/litters.

Due to the increasing number of people contacting us we have begun keeping a wait list.   The number of people we allow on the list varies with the litters we are expecting.   Estimated wait time is about six months depending on planned litters and kitten preferences.   To join our wait list:

  • The person has told us about themselves and we believe they would be a good fit for one of our kittens
  • Once approved to join the wait list the deposit must be placed in order to secure a spot
  • It must be understood that there are no guarantees with nature.  While uncommon, birth complications can happen.  There is also of course no guarantee for specific color/gender kittens out of specific litters.  Advanced reservations can be transferred to future litters if a fitting kitten is not born (e.g. does not match gender or color preferences)
  • Advanced reservations will be given selection in the order in which we received the deposits.  We reserve the right to hold back a kitten for our breeding program before selections are made

Your kitten's growth

Once you reserve a kitten we will keep you updated on their progress and send pictures along the way.  Reach out at any time if you have questions!

Bringing your kitten home

 If we are arranging transport, the kitten/transportation cost must be paid for in full two weeks before their date of departure. 

If you are picking your kitten up (or we are meeting in-person for the transfer) the payment can be made in-person at the same time via cash, money order, or certified check.  If you would like to pay with a regular check we must receive it two weeks in advance of the transfer date.

Stay in touch

We are here for you and our kittens!  If you have questions or are just giving us an update on how your kitten is doing we want to hear from you!  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have problems or concerns.  We are not here to judge we are here to help ensure both kittens and families have a happy and healthy life together.