Montana, United States

Welcome to Mountain Maine Coons

Maine Coons - Our Ladies


Favorite Angel Galaxy aka "Natalya"

Nayalya is an extremely affectionate girl.  She is a sweetheart with a passion for grooming her sisters, carrying a ball around, and snuggling.  She has a very striking, powerful look and beautiful mane. 

Color: Black Silver Tortie Tabby

Father: W.Champion Colorful Dawn Kristofer

Mother: I.Champion Favorite Angel Arabella


Champion Irvin Gonsior Line

Champion Graceful Lynx Cheriti Dzhinevra

CH.P./CH.J./G.E.CH. Wildfields Hamilton

Champion/CH.J Favorite Angel Mylene


Favorite Angel Hanna-Montana aka "Izabella"

Izabella has the most adorable and soft trill.  She is incredibly sweet and always wants to be in the same room.  Izzy first caught our eye with her beautiful, huge, and full tail.  She's truly a magnificent Maine Coon.


Color: Black Tortie Smoke

Father: Champion Favorite Angel Porche

Mother: Champion Favorite Angel Black Lady


G.I.Champion Favorite Angel Frant

I.Champion Favorite Angel Madonna

CH.P./CH.J/G.E.CH. Wildfields Hamilton

Champion Favorite Angel Felizia


Finley Bystra*PL

Finley is a charming and social girl.  What's going?  Finley surely needs to know!  She has a beautiful silky blue coat and  a fantastically thick, long tail.   We expect her to join our breeding program in 2020.

Color: Blue Tabby

Father: Kipper Enklawa*PL

Mother: Wilma Bystra*PL


UA*Montrini Nemo

Uma Thurman Gonsior*RU

G.I.C. Rob Roy Sun Maine Treasures

Nicola Bystra*PL


 Bystra*PL Day By Day aka "Saphira"

Saphira has a purr that just won’t quit! Her biggest passion in life is cuddling. She is a lovely blue-cream girl with an impressive shape and thick tail. 

Color: Blue Torite

Father: Wabanaki I Look To You

Mother: Lollipop DWA Formaty*PL

Country Gulliver's Love Congo

Country Gulliver's Wiola Red

Miami Vice Maccala*PL

Dagga Atovoy*PL


 Bystra*PL Emka aka "Bexley"

Bexley is a beautiful example of the breed with a strong, square muzzle, bold markings, and full tail. She is a very social and curious girl that enjoyes a good snuggle.

 Color: Black Tortie Tabby

Father: Wabanaki I Look To You

Mother: Veroni Bystra*PL 


Country Gulliver's Love Congo

Country Gulliver's Wiola Red

Asher Royal Tigers*PL

Lollipop DWA Formaty*PL


Indiana Hippopotamia (Poly) aka "Paddles"

Indiana is an absolute purr machine!  She is a playful and curious girl and we can't wait to watch her grow.  She is still a kitten and won't be joining our breeding program until late 2020. 

Color: Blue Tortie Smoke

Father: Temari Filipp

Mother: Petpalace*RU Miroslava


I.CHampion RU*Respectcoon Jet Sun

Champion Richcoon's Belladonna

Germancoonluck Kjelvin

Assol Minayl 

Maine Coons - Our Gentlemen


Bystra*PL Fenwicke 

We are absolutely thrilled to have Fenwicke join our breeding program in 2020.  He is absolutely gorgeous with a full mane, strong muzzle, thick coat, and long full tail.   This guy isn't just about looks - he has a charming personality too!  Very social, easy-going, and loves being brushed. 

Color: Blue Tabby

Father: Kipper Enklawa*PL

Mother: Wilma Bystra*PL


UA*Montrini Nemo

Uma Thurman Gonsior*RU

G.I.C. Rob Roy Sun Maine Treasures

Nicola Bystra*PL


 Gray Laguna Leo aka "Oberon"

Oberon is simply put...a handsome and chill man.  He is very social and affectionate male whose favorite pastime is playing in the dog's water bowl.  He is a very striking cat with a large square muzzle and full mane.

Color: Blue with White

Father: W.Champion Casanova Laguna Leo

Mother: Country Gulliver's Karina Blue


G.I.CH. Respectcoon Komodo

Tigercoon Elena

Champion Country Gulliver's Kasanova

Country Gulliver's Viva


These are our juvenile cats that are not yet old enough to join our breeding program.  We like to retire our adults at a young age so they do not become worn out from breeding and have a long, happy, and healthy pet lives in their retirement.  For this reason and to continually work to improve our breeding lines we will often have youngsters here.     


Laracoon Nubia aka "Friday"

Friday is a sweet girl that just wants everyone to get along and be friends.  Even at a young age her tail and face are quite impressive and we look forward to watching her grow. 

Color: Black Tortie


Laracoon Bastet aka "Edith"

Edith is Friday's sister and they both join us from Italy.  Edith is an absolute cuddle bug!  If she isn't on our lap she is sitting very close by ready and waiting for a pet.  She has wonderful coloring with a very striking face and long tail.  She will surely grow into a knock-out cat as she matures.

Color: Blue Tortie



Retaggio is a fantastically friendly guy that is constantly looking for a cuddle.  He is a beautiful black smoke polydactyl with a charming personality, strong muzzle, and great shape.  

Color: Black Smoke